The Luxury Executive Transfers


In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we wish to inform our customers that all vehicles in our fleet are meticulously cleaned prior to any type of our transfers.


We work with professional cleaners who make sure that the cars are properly ventilated and all internal and external surfaces that may come in contact with the driver or passengers are thoroughly cleaned.


On the exterior of the car we wash door handles, windshields and other crystals using soap and antimicrobial solutions. In the interior we carefully wipe the steering wheel, gear stick, handbrake, door handles, all switches and buttons including stereo system controls. Finally, as part of routine vehicle servicing we clean certain parts that could be considered sources of bacteria such as A/C filters and other plastics.


Our staff have received appropriate training and follow all Health and Safety regulations related to protecting our customers and themselves.

If you have any questions relating to the management of our fleet or our operations in response to the global pandemic please do not hesitate to reach out using our contact information.